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Inga Kristberga

Inga Kristberga

More than 15 years of experience working as a dental hygienist!

In 1981 graduated from Riga 3rd Medical School acquiring a diploma in general nursing.

In 1996 in the Medical Academy of Latvia acquired a diploma in dental hygiene and works as a dental hygienist in the Institute of Stomatology of the Medical Academy of Latvia under the guidance of professor Pēteris Apse.

In 2000 acquired a certificate in dental hygiene.

Improves her qualification by attending courses and seminars on a regular basis.

In August 2007 published the article For healthy teeth in the journal Veselība (Health).

Trains adults and children in accurate tooth brushing technique, evaluates health of teeth and gums, removes plaque above and below the gum line with hand and ultrasonic scalers, removes pigmentation and plaque for smokers with sodium bicarbonate flow, applications of fluoride and sealants.

Working hours
Mo-Fri 8:00-19:00
Call for appointment: +371 67 339 300
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