Full service under the same roof

The price list includes the prices effective at this date. Your medical procedure costs may be a combination of multiple prices included in the price list. The cost of each individual medical procedure is determined by your attending physician, who carries out the necessary diagnostics and prepares your personal medical procedure cost plan.

Treatment planning and diagnostics

General dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry

Oral cavity surgery

Dental implants

All on four - neizņemama zobu rindas konstrukcija, kas balstīta uz 4 implantiem


Dental correction with braces

Orthodontic appliances


Periodontal treatment

Gum plastic surgery

Paediatric dentistry

Dental Hygiene

Teeth whitening

Dermatological diagnostics

Laser dermatology

Aesthetic injections

Laser epilation

Wellness procedures

Revitalisation of skin using the PRX-T33 procedure

Special Offer


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