If you want a complete assessment of the status of your teeth, gums and supporting bone you can request from your dentist a complete dental examination.
From this information a treatment plan can be made for you that includes status of your teeth, suggested (an alternative) treatment plans and cost of such treatment.

Treatment Planning
  • Call your selected dentist to make an appointment. Generally half an hour appointment will be needed.
  • At the first appointment the receptionist will request some information about yourself (address, telephone, personal ID number).
  • Take a complete medical and dental history.
    This will provide the dentist a background of your health
  • Take radiographs.
    Generally this will include a scan of your jaw (with pantograph) and small radiographs of specific areas.
  • Take oral photographs witch will serve as documentation and communication with you.
  • Possible take moulds of your upper and lower jaw witch will be helpful for diagnosis and treatment planning and serve as baseline for treatment.
  • The dentist will summarize the diagnosis and treatment plan and discuss these with you using radiographs, photographs and models so you can visualize situation better.
  • Generally the dentist will then summarize diagnosis, treatment plan and costs in a letter to you.